I approached ALM Abatements because I had originally met Scott on a job about 10 years ago. That job was a complete mess the water main in the street broke and flooded a recently renovated apartment complex. He was working for a different company at the time and I could tell he really cared about the job he was doing. He went above and beyond to get every thing done and way ahead of schedule. I knew then he would be a great contact for the years to come. He has proven that over and over again. I am a Real Estate Agent and referred many clients over the years. Each time he helps one of my clients they always call me to tell me how pleased they were with his work ethics, his employees and so very happy they used him. One client was referred for a fire in a condo he did a complete clean up and restoration. ALM completed before the damaged units in the complex and there were no issues or concerns. Another client had asbestos and lead testing after a water leak from a unit above. Again ALM to the rescue with timeliness, professionalism, cleanliness on time and at budget! I would highly recommend ALM and will continue to use them as a preferred company.