Methamphetamine is widely available throughout the country, with most availability in the Western and Midwestern regions.

In 2019, the DEA seized 117,019 pounds of methamphetamine nationwide, a staggering 55% increase from seized materials in 2018. These numbers have continued to rise in the last few years, with 131,000 pounds of methamphetamine seized nationally by the DEA in 2022 and 400 pounds seized in July 2023 in a single Colorado drug investigation.

It’s time to take the scare out of the holidays and allow safety and cheer back in. If you suspect that your home or building could be contaminated with methamphetamine, please reach out to us at ALM Abatements! Our certified team of experts are here to bring you peace of mind with our methamphetamine and fentanyl decontamination services.

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