Over a century of combined experience keeping Colorado safe.


ALM Abatements in Colorado is a state-certified contractor, with all members trained and experienced in asbestos abatement. We pride ourselves on communicating and protecting our customer’s health and property through the process.


if left untreated mold can cause structural damage to a building and health issues for you and your family. If done improperly, mold remediation activities can cause the spread of spores and expand the affected area. This is why it is crucial to hire experienced and trained professionals.


Lead-based paint is the most significant source of lead exposure in the U.S. today. Lead is a toxic material that can enter the body through several ways, including respiration and ingestion.


Properties that have been contaminated from using meth and fentanyl require immediate attention and decontamination. At ALM Abatements, we focus on managing every incident efficiently with discretion to provide peace of mind to ALM’s state-certified staff and ensure safety on the property.